A Chicago bar's lengthy and EXTREMELY detailed dress code is creating controversy.

This insane list is displayed outside Bottled Blonde, a "pizzeria and tap room" located within Chicago's River North area.

Now, to be fair, I've seen LOTS of establishments ban things like backwards hats, baggy pants, or hoodies. But this dress code is so alarmingly specific that it's hard to tell exactly who is allowed inside:

So far, this post has elicited quite a reaction on Twitter.

My reaction: WTF can you wear inside this place? No sneakers (but Vans are cool), "odd colored" pants (What does that mean? Orange? Yellow? Magenta?), or "obnoxious" shirts? And it's all completely at the discretion of the door staff? How can a dress code be so specific AND so vague at the same time?

There certainly appears to be some racial prejudice involved here, but I think it's more of a "classist" attitude on display. Basically, unless you're a total bro, you ain't getting in.

Look, a business has the right to cater to whoever they want, and you also have the right to not spend your money there, but this looks pretty ridiculous on the surface.  Most of the people I know that wear hoodies and Air Force Ones probably aren't paying $16 for a charcuterie board anyway.

Lighten up, gents. It's a bar...not a boarding school. Sheesh!

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