A drunk driver rams into a cop, a man accidentally admits to having a field of drugs, and the newest fad is the newest trend in porn...

Citrus County, FL- A drunk driver crashed into a car...a drunk driving awareness car.


63-year-old Paul Wilkins was behind the wheel Saturday night when he lost control and slammed his vehicle into a brand new police car that had been painted with anti-drunk driving messages. Wilkins told cops that he never saw the vehicles although its lights had been flashing.

Wilkins was arrested for DUI...and taken to jail in the car he'd hit. [NBC 2]

So, technically the car didn't raise awareness...but it DID help corral a drunk driver, so the department will probably consider that a win.

Claremont, NC- A man wrongly assumed police knew about his drug stash.

AFG: Poppy Cultivation More Than Doubled In Badakshan
Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

Officers were investigating a crime in the area last week and were canvasing the neighborhood when they knocked on Cody Xiong's door. He mistakenly thought they were there for him, so he blurted out "I guess you're here about the opium."

Turns out, Xiong had about an acre of poppy plants growing in a field behind his house...worth about $500 million.

Authorities think the plants were harvested at Xiong's home, but the opium was manufactured somewhere else. He's facing drug trafficking charges. [WRAL.com]

I'm not condoning drug use, but if the cops don't say anything NEITHER SHOULD YOU!

The Internet- It was only a matter of time before they capitalized on this...

According to PornHub, FIDGET SPINNER porn is their most-searched category. The

Fidget Spinner (Photo: PocketFidget.com)
Fidget Spinner (Photo: PocketFidget.com)

number of searches has skyrocketed 282% during the past two weeks, with more than 2.5 MILLION users searching for it.

While there are some adult-oriented videos (you can look for those on your own...I'm not helping you out with that), many of the clips just feature fidget spinners--well, spinning. After all, it wouldn't be the Internet without a little bit of trolling.

The 18-24 age bracket searched for "fidget spinner" the most, while women were 19% more likely to look for it. [Mashable]

I'm not sure who sees a fidget spinner and thinks, "Man, it'd be super hot to play with one of these during sex"...but apparently, it's quite a few.

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