If going viral means going to jail...I'll pass. This is "Crappy News" for Friday, August 10th.

Chaska, MN- A lawyer was arrested after arranging to meet an underage girl.

Hands in Handcuffs
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48-year-old Mark Lichtenwalter thought he was talking to the father of a 12-year-old girl when he tried to set up a meeting with her at a hotel room last week. Using an alias, he sent text messages to the man, asking about his daughter’s sexual experience, the kinds of gifts she might like, and whether he could watch her try on bikinis and lingerie.

Well, to no one's surprise (except his), the "father" was actually an undercover cop.

Police were waiting for Lichtenwalter at the hotel and found him with his pants unzipped and carrying balloons, glitter lip gloss, baby oil and condoms. [Twin Cities Pioneer Press]

Grand Junction, CO- A college is dealing with some serious diploma drama.

Graduate receiving a diploma, close-up of hands
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Alec Williams graduated from Colorado Mesa University this spring and received his diploma in July. He was checking to make sure his name was spelled correctly...when he spotted a different typo.

Williams noticed that his degree hadn't been granted by the Board of Trustees, but by the "Coard" of Trustees.

Williams sent an email to a professor and posted about the error on social media, which started a review process by university officials. CMU's president says the school is sending corrected diplomas to 2018 graduates and will offer them to graduates as far back as 2012--all 9,188 of them.

The university could spend up to $46,000 to fix the misprints. [Yahoo News]

You'd think people running a college would know to check for spelling errors?

Madera, CA- Many people are entertained by the "In My Feelings" challenge. Cops are not among those people.

2017 Billboard Music Awards - Show
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In their quest to go viral, a group's Drake dance dare was thwarted by police last  Friday.

Madera PD shared dash cam video of a patrol car pulling up behind an SUV, with the occupants darting back inside the vehicle when they see police.

Officers reminded the public that, quote, "it is illegal for pedestrians to be in the roadway and for drivers to allow such activity," and that anyone caught doing the challenge could be ticketed, fined, or arrested. [UPI]

You really shouldn't HAVE to tell people not to dance in oncoming traffic, but welcome to 2018.

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