At least the rest of us know what NOT to do. Here are 2018's Parents of the Year!

With so many solid contenders this year it was pretty hard to narrow down this list. So, why not focus on these loving and attentive parental units from right here in Iowa:

Urbandale- These young parents still have A LOT to learn...

22-year-old Brian Bozarth and 20-year-old Ashley King left their 9-month-old daughter home alone while they went out drinking.

Police were sent to the home for a welfare check and found the baby inside her crib, wearing one sock and a full diaper. Nobody was watching the child and there was no baby monitor in the house. Authorities believe the infant was home alone for about three hours.

Each was charged with child endangerment, and King was also cited for underage drinking.

Coralville- 23-year-old Natalee Kahl allegedly left her children--ages five, three, and one--alone inside her apartment.

Police came when one of the children called 911 to report that she needed help watching videos online. Kahl admitted to police that she left the apartment briefly to pick up her boyfriend from a neighbor's house and that her kids "would not be able to take care of themselves" in case of an emergency.

She was arrested for misdemeanor child endangerment. Back in 2015, Kahl was in the news after her infant daughter was hospitalized for drinking vodka.

Des Moines- A mom was arrested last month after driving drunk and attempting to drop her child off at school.

Officers say 43-year-old Pamela Mapes was drunk, with slurred speech and watery eyes, as she swerved into the bus lane at her daughter's elementary school.

Police say Mapes' 5-year-old was in the car when she hit a curb, and that the curb prevented her from hitting students getting off the bus. A bus driver, the principal and the dean of students prevented Mapes from leaving the scene.

School officials also reported that Mapes had her daughter in the front seat without a seat belt or a booster seat.

But...we mustn't forget about these deserving nominees, as well:

Let's hope these kids have some better role models in the new year!

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